Hospital Management

This is Hospital Management System Hospital a management system is one of the best software that manages various activities in a hospital that has 8 login features (account type) and support about 21 different languages in the world.

• The admin • Doctor • Nurse • Patient • Pharmacist • Laboratories and • Accountant Deployment • Web-based • Installed with wampserver Features • Accounting Management • Appointment Management • Bed Management • Billing & Invoicing • Budgeting & Forecasting • Claims Management • Expense Tracking • Human Resource Management • In-Patient Management • Inventory Management • Out-Patient Management • Patient Records Management • Physician Management • Policy Management • Revenue Management • Patient Check In / Check Out. • Laboratory / Pathology Automation. • Medicine. • Patient Record Maintenance. • Staff Record Maintenance. • Doctor Consultant. • Database of Blood Donors / Blood Group. • Billing System. • Report (Death and birth report)


School Management

  • Role-based access: Users like school admin, students, parents, and teachers can easily log in and access their respective user-friendly dashboards.
  • Student Attendance Management: Admin and Teachers can do entire attendance management on a daily basis of the students of each class. Students and parents can see date wise attendance report. The teacher can also add the reason for the absence of each student. Whenever any student is absent, an automatic message is sent to the registered parent mentioning the day, date, and reason for being absent. Automatic messages are sent only if the school has purchased our SMS add-on.
  • Classrooms and subjects: It is made simple for the admin to create new classes and assign subjects. Eventually, teacher’s management can be done by assigning subjects and classes. For parents, their child information like class number, respective subjects, and assigned teachers can be viewed when they login to their respective dashboards.
  • Student Grade Management: As a student report management system, the School Management software has a feature by which admin and teachers can insert student grades/marks on the basis of their class and subjects. Along with grades, teachers can also write remarks or student-reviews on student’s performance. Subject-wise grades will be visible on students’ and parent’s dashboards. Using our paid Import-Export add-on, teachers can import a .csv file with grades for quick upload of marks in bulk. The students and parents can further print grade sheets.
  • School Schedule Management: Admin and teachers can create an exam schedule for each subject of their respective class. Along with this, upcoming school event schedules like Prize Giving, Thanksgiving, sports tournament schedule, annual leaves management, and likewise can be easily created. For sudden changes in academics, the admin can notify teachers, students, and parents by sending email-notifications(free) or sending messages through our paid SMS add-on.
  • Transportation Management: Details regarding bus, routes, and driver details can be provided on students, parents, and teachers dashboards by admin. Also, the admin can send notifications in form of e-mail (free) or SMS (with the use of paid add-on) to parents if there is a replacement in the driver, transport bus, change in route, etc.


Pharmacy Management

  • Categories Crud
  • Product/Inventories Crud
  • Sales
  • Bill Print
  • Discounts
  • Reports
  • Admin Login & Profile Update
  • Site Setting dynamic Project Name
  • Login & sessions