PowerBag Technologies is a team of highly determined developers and lovers of open source. we offer comprehensive and result-oriented mobile App, Website Development, Progressive Web App, Digital Marketing, and Graphics Designing.

we offer the most effective solutions to our clients which not just maximize their profits. but also help boost their online presence.

We define your website strategy to ensure that your online presence is effective and engaging for your consumer. We include a full host of research to dig deep into the heart of your industry and create powerful solutions for your brand.
A beautiful website can speak volumes about your brand in the blink of an eye, but the appeal can be lost if the website just doesn’t work right. We put the customer experience at the core of your design.
well written code makes the difference in a website’s functionality, usability, and whether it will stand the test of time. We have the knowledge and experience to craft accessible and well-documented code.
Patrick Fallah-Hollist
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Samuel Soka
Managing Partner
Neerendra Srivastava
Remote Developer
Nirmal Sahota
PHP Developer
Urmila Jain
SEO Expert


We always open for fresh talent to add

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